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James Rowland, age 13

You can see the same Moon
In the East and the West
But still people had not a care
But one, a pioneering man
Who wanted to walk there

You can think the same thoughts
In the left and the right
But many do not put them into play
People do not want to differ from the ordinary
Except one – JFK

You can have the same traits
From the top to the bottom
But skin colour would divide you and me
But that changed because of a great man
Who strived for equality

But on a sunny day in mid November
A day the world will always remember
A black car glided, separating swarms and crowds
Let’s freeze the world for a while.

A gun shoot echoed through streets so loud
A man assassinated still bearing a smile
I wonder if the reaper had to fight for his soul
I wonder if he died knowing he fulfilled his role

And although the dust has settled over his grave
He will not be forgotten, No you will not J F K