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July 16, 2013

JFK and One Giant Leap for Mankind

JFK and One Giant Leap for Mankind

RTÉ 2fm radio presenter Rick O’Shea will be hosting a panel discussion tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th of July, at 7 PM, at the National Library of Ireland on JFK and his space exploration legacy. Panelists will include Karlin Lillington, Technology Journalist with The Irish Times, Dr. Joseph Roche of Trinity College and member of Trinity’s Astrophysics Group, and Kevin Nolan Lecturer at IT Tallaght and author of Mars as a Cosmic Stepping Stone.

Many thanks to the National Library of Ireland and the Festival of Curiosity for their help in coordinating this event! Visit the Festival at http://festivalofcuriosity.ie/ to see a list of their other events!

Featured image courtesy of JFKLibrary.org.: Shows JFK and First Lady viewing the lift-off of Astronaut Cmdr. Alan B. Shepard, Jr., on the first US manned sub-orbital flight.



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