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August 2, 2013

Mike Cronin Hosts Lecture on JFK Ireland Trip

Mike Cronin Hosts Lecture on JFK Ireland Trip

Wednesday evening the National Library held their final lecture in a series of JFK Homecoming inspired presentations. Mike Cronin, the Academic Director for BC-Ireland, gave a talk entitled, “How nice it is just to be Irish: President Kennedy’s trip home.” He spoke to the contextual importance of JFK’s 1963 trip, even though it was not exactly a politically charged one. Cronin talked about how Kennedy visited Ireland when it was in the midst of modernizing and how television coverage really framed this. In all, the Irish were extremely happy with themselves to have pulled off such a successful and safe trip for their returned home President.

Many thanks to both Mike Cronin and the National Library for enabling this event! It was truly a magnificent way to end an inspiring set of panels, speeches, talks, and events related to the JFK Homecoming Exhibit.

The Exhibit will remain open through August 13!

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