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June 21, 2013

A Successful Opening for the JFK Homecoming Exhibit

A Successful Opening for the JFK Homecoming Exhibit

Just yesterday, the National Library hosted the official opening of the JFK Homecoming Exhibit. Fiona Ross opened the ceremony, welcoming the Kennedys and introduing Frankie and his family, the ensemble who played for JFK 50 years ago.

Caroline Kennedy followed, remarking how her “father was a student of history and was proud to become a part of Ireland’s history as well as America’s”. She commemorated the museum and all involved with the process of establishing the JFK Homecoming exhibit. Tatiana Kennedy Schlossberg, Caroline’s daughter and JFK’s grand-daughter, followed with a moving speech, opening with how JFK “…and our family owe a lot to our Irish heritage; our good looks, our humor, our intelligence, and of course, our humility”. She continued by connecting her personal relationship with Ireland to her grandfather’s experience in 1963, noting how the exhibit is an “interesting interaction between memory and the future”.


Minister Jimmy Denihan highlighted the history of Ireland leading up to JFK’s visit,  how those in both America and Ireland welcomed JFK equally. He also noted how JFK remarked that Ireland is “not the land of my birth, but it is the land for which I hold most affection”.

The opening was enjoyed by all, and the exhibit is vibrant with photographs, videos and interactive displays for all to understand JFK’s Homecoming.

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