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The Power of the American Boot!

Col Shay Duffy (retired)

I was a member of the Cadet Guard of Honour at Arbour Hill. During the preparation phase beforemthe Preseident arrived, Coy Sgt Michael Murphy, Defence Forces Military Police, explained to the Press Corps gathered at the easterly the line that they were required to remain behind the white line. This proved difficult for those pressmen who were kneeling on the line in order not to obstruct their colleagues to, the rear. As the time for,the President’s arrival approached and despite them Coy Sgts anxious appeals, the pressmen constantly encroached over the line However, just as the President arrived a very tall, overcoated US Security official very deliberately placed one foot at the start of the line and very slowly and deliberately “walked the line”. One or two very brave pressmen attempted to leave their fingers over the line. What a painful experience!

- in Arbour Hill