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Eye to Eye with JFK

Noel Cavanagh

I was just a lad of 14 years when I alone I got the 83 bus from Kimmage to see this Famous Irishman President Kennedy, as I made my way down Dame Street I seen a Gap in the Large Crowd and crawled trough the very front, I waited in anxiety and excitement for the Motorcade to arrive, I was directly across from the Olympia Theatre , and looking up in one of the Houses across I could see a Television Black and white, showing the live coverage of the JFK Motorcade, then it turned from Trinity collage to make its way down Collage Green and then Dame Street, then the Magic moment came that will stay with me for the rest of my life, The President was smiling and waving left and right to the Smiling and Cheerful Crowd and turned to look at me Eye to Eye, it was very special to me to have witnessed this great Moment in my life and will stay with me till the Day I Die, God Bless JFK, Many Thanks.

- in Arrival in Dublin