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Anne Semple at Collins Barracks, Cork

Anne Semple Gunning

I was a nursing sister at the Collins Barracks Hospital. We went to the window at the Officers Mess to ensure that we got a good view of President Kennedy when he arrived in the Barracks Square. As he stepped from the helicopter he was facing in our direction; when he saw us he immediately walked across the Square to us. He shook each of our hands; we were overwhelmed with excitement. I was impressed that he was so handsome, with a beautiful tan, very tall. He oozed charisma, spoke briefly to us, told us how happy he was to be in Ireland and meet us. We felt great. It was a great moment for all of us, and of course we did not realize just how historic, with his tragic death in just a few months. The photo of the President greeting us at the window in the Officers Mess at Collins Barracks, Cork brought back a great memory. I was lucky and honored to meet him and shake his hand.

- in Cork