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The Sailor, The Flag and The Pub

William T ( Terry ) Murphy

I was a twenty year old sailor assigned to the USS Norris, DD 859. On a bright Sunday morning, my shipmates and I were walking along the sidewalk in Cork and we happened upon a harried Pub owner trying to put up an American flag outside his pub. He was putting the flag upside down. “Can ye, Lads help?” he asked. “Quickly,” he urged. We reversed the flag as we heard the sirens. Once properly in place we turned to the sidewalk in a line and saluted the passing motorcade containing the President. The President actually waved at us as he passed.

“Now Lads, you have a way of folding the flag…” We said yes, retired the colors, folded the flag and handed it to him. “Come inside,” he begged. We did. “This Pub is closed,” he announced to a room full of people. A cheer went up and ladies came from the kitchen with food. The Publican took the flag and put it over his bar between the pictures of the President and the First Lady.

- in Cork