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First time I saw TV: JFK in Galway

Mary Kelly

My Parents had just returned from the USA as they had been working there in the early 60′s. JFK was their hero.

As I was the oldest of 4 children they did not want to take us into Galway City to See JFK due to large crowds. We set out from our home outside Athenry to watch JFK in Galway on TV in the Jersery Bar in Athenry. This was my first time in a Bar and my first time ever to See TV. As a small child we were familar with JFK as our parents regualarly send mazagines of the Kennedy Family home to Galway where we were being taken care off by Family Friends while they were out of the Country. JFK and Princess Grace were our Royality. At this time I had never heard of the Royal Family in the UK. It was one of the best days of my young life.

- in Galway