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A Nice Job If You Can Get It

Ted Hughes

Tuesday 25th June 1963

I arrived in New Ross on my motorcycle on Tuesday 25th June 1963. My Job was a courier to collect and transport film of JFK to RTE Dublin and Dublin Airport.

Wednesday 26th June 1963

I had to learn all the routes in and out of Dunganstown, so that I could make a hasty trip to Dublinwith the film, without any hold-ups.

Thursday 27th June 1963

Up early and off to Dunganstown. The road from New Ross to Dunganstown was lined with Gardai, then three check-points near the JFK Homestead.
I was cleared to enter the yard of the homestead where all the world press and television crews were, at the top of the yard overlooking the house (homestead). JFK would travel by road from New Ross to the homestead.
Here he comes looking like a King (an Irish King). “Jack, Jack look this way” Cried the press. Cameras flashed, film rolled.
JFK acknowledged the press with that smile and salute. JFK entered the house, where he met his relatives.
In the yard was three long tables covered over with paper. When JFK came out from the house he spoke to lots of guests, and the press, then he told everyone to tuck-in to the goodies on the tables. I helped myself to the fresh sandwiches, washed down with a cup of tea.
Another great sight was when JFK was leaving the yard. We all went down to the bottom of the yard to see him off, and there in the field beside the yard was JFKs helicopter. He went on board. Then one, two, three, four helicopters lifted into the sky, then JFKs helicopter lifted into the centre of the formation and away to Wexford Town, what a sight.
I then collected film to bring to RTE Donnybrook, and Dublin Airport (To go to the USA).

Friday 28th June 1963

I was due to go to Cork to run more film up to Dublin. I took off for Cork at 3 a.m Friday morning (raining very heavy). I was to phone in just before I left Dublin, so I rode down to the nearest phone box (no home phone in those days). I was delighted to be told the trip was cancelled so instead to report to the intercontinental Hotel, Ballsbridge at 6 a.m for instructions to go to O’Connells Street, where a crew from NBC News (National Broadcasting Corporation) were shooting film at 7 a.m and I had to get it to Dublin Airport by 8 a.m to catch a flight to the USA.

I will always remember those four days in June 1963, God Bless John F. Kennedy.

- in Dunganstown